If you were to ask me to describe myself as wholly self-contained things, I'd probably say that I am

  • An environmental computer scientist1
  • A web developer (professionally) and a systems software developer (mostly as a hobbyist)
  • A retro-minimalist2
  • A writer
  • An artist

More broadly, a list of things I'm interested in, in no particular order, would include: ethical software development, virtual machines, permacomputing, toki pona3, playing and composing music, cycling, cassettes, the philosophy of identity and making software political.

This website has been my home on the internet for many years. I'm doing that knowledge garden thing.

I do a lot of writing! You can find more of my long-form writing on my blog. I do some shorter, less filtered writing as well that I share on my gemlog over the Gemini Protocol. Most of my writing is about technology, but also it's kind of not. When I write, I'm usually trying to to explicate some part of my worldview, where I use technology as the main metaphor for it. Or, conversely, I try to write about technology through a social lens. I don't really know how to put it, but this article on the ephemerality of modern computing is a good example.

You can find me elsewhere online!

I'm always excited to meet new people! If you are able, I'd encourage you to use my GPG key



My phrasing here is very specific because while I study both environmental science and computer science, at least in terms of how I approach the subjects as things I'm interested in, the former influences the latter much more than the latter influences the former. I think ecology is very relevant to how we (should) think about computing.


Since we're making up words to fit the self-contained criteria, "retro-minimalism" is an overly concise way of saying "leaning into historical computing traditions in reaction to the many ways high technology is overwhelming.


mi kama sona. sina e mi toki kepeken toki pona la mi pilin pona.