Blogs and websites

I only intend on including websites on this list that I think are using their resources efficiently. In most cases, that's going to mean no JavaScript, but I'm not opposed to people using JavaScript so much as I am to people abusing it. Websites that require JavaScript to work based on my own testing are marked with the high voltage⚡emoji.


  • Low-Tech Magazine - A magazine powered by solar energy that goes offline when it runs out of power.
  • Hundred Rabbits - Two people creating low-tech solutions on a sailboat.

Personal Websites

Website's I've been following:


  • Helvetica Blanc exploring "mysticism, the subconscious, and worldbuilding with an emphasis on form and texture"
  • lordampersand exploring "the interaction between organic and technological processes"
  • yardonthirdstreet - I like the art style of yardonthirdstreet. I'd probably say they've served as an inspiration for me, certainly in the case of my landing page.


I like to listen to Radio Free Fedi, which is kind of like the online college radio station of the fediverse.

Breakcore and adjacent subgenres

Sorted in order of (generally) least to most aggressive in my opinion

  • I.W. is very thematically anime
  • hkmori does a lot of depressive breakcore
  • Sorry about my face is more sonically pop in some albums
  • KoçitSkoria / Orqzeu has some breakcore, some happy hardcore, and some stuff in between
  • Andy pls
  • lhk has a more computer-y aesthetic
  • dev is very thematically anime in a more aggressive way


If you're so inclined, you can follow my reading habits via Bookwyrm.