What happens in gemspace…

Published on 2024-02-10

I don't know if this is a principle that many folks share, but I make an effort to keep as many of my links as I can internal to gemspace. Sometimes that doesn't always turn out; there's lots of cool stuff all around the internet that I like talking about here, but I generally find browsing gemini a lot more satisfying when all the links I come across point inwards rather than out.

I suppose it's well known the most significant problem we're facing today as an online community is that we don't have much going on. Gemspace can be a very quite place. That's not always a bad thing, but it's nice to have friends around. I think proactively seeking to create a strong internal flow of communication can go a long way to building a more vibrant atmosphere with few people.

Not to mention, while I do link to my capsule from the web, the awareness that a gemini URL scheme doesn't mean anything to most people's browsers goes a long way towards creating an environment where I feel more free to speak my mind.

Identity is a network

Even if the connection has not been severed, even if there is indeed a connection, the barrier of entry to use gemini is often enough.

I take a lot of comfort in that. Especially since it gives me the opportunity to publish more earnest expressions of what I'm thinking without needing to do all the mental gymnastics around figuring out how people might perceive it in the distant future.

What happens in gemspace, stays in gemspace. At least for me. I like it that way.

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